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Cooling Services


Southern California’s climate, while normally temperate can experience severe heat waves. We provide both installation and repair services for cooling systems.

Heating Services


For those brisk winter days, SIMS can ensure that your heater or heat pump system is running in top-notch condition!

Air Quality Services

Air Quality

With pollen, pollution, smoke, smog and other contaminants factoring into outdoor air quality, we have solutions to keep your indoor air clean and pristine.

Ducting Services

As important as indoor and outdoor equipment, ducts are an integral part of your comfort system. We provide duct replacement and repair services.

Add Air
Add Air

If your home or business does not currently have air conditioning, our expert staff can propose and install a new AC system for your home or business!


We offer important preventative maintenance, which is key to ensuring an efficient, long-lasting comfort system, and avoiding costly repairs.

Heat Pumps
Heat Pumps

A heat pump is an AC system that doesn’t use gas to heat your home or business. SIMS can repair, install and maintain these systems for you.


Many customers consider these systems to achieve indoor comfort. We have both repair and installation services available for mini-split/ductless systems.


Repairing your home or business AC system doesn’t have to break the bank. Our technicians can diagnose and repair a wide array of issues you may be experiencing.


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